Why ProChecking?

Your field teams (sales reps, merchandisers, network animators, technical teams, etc.) are at the forefront of your business strategy. With the right tool, they will gain in efficiency and productivity. With ProChecking, unnecessary visits are over. You save time and fuel by delegating the store-check visits to our community of consumers.


The Sales Rep orders, via the mobile application, visits to the stores of his choice: our community of consumers goes to the stores and collects the information.


The Sales Rep is informed as soon as the report is validated. He consults the report in the mobile application and visualizes the results (product presence, displays...). The headquarters team can also consult the report (by Sales Rep, by retailer, by store…) in their customer interface.


5 levels of offers to fit all field teams. The visits saved allow to cover more points of sale: a strong and proven ROI!


The Sales Rep orders a visit on the ProChecking App

1 » Ordering a visit

  • The Sales Rep chooses the information he wants to collect thanks to a predefined questionnaire (shelf, products, questions, photos...)
  • He chooses a store
  • He selects a desired visit date
The WinMinute community performs the report in the store

2 » In-store reporting

  • Visits are performed by users of our WinMinuteConso solution
  • Thousands of responsive consumers across the country
  • All data are geolocated, time-stamped and made reliable by a human quality process
The Sales Rep consults the report on the ProChecking App

3 » Data consultation

  • The Sales Rep is informed of the completion of the report
  • He accesses the results of his order and can act:
    • Call the store
    • Enter information in his CRM
    • Program and prepare another visit
The headquarters team consult data

4 » Real-time monitoring

  • Data and photos are stored and made available in real-time in your customer interface

Business Case

ProChecking is a ROI tool that will allow you to significantly increase your coverage.
Example for a sales force of 25 reps covering 250 stores with an average frequency of 1 visit per quarter:

ProChecking orders per month

of visits saved, or 10 visits per month

visits saved per year

additional stores covered

sales reps equivalents

Why choose Prochecking?

A solution that can be deployed easily and quickly
15 days of set up (integration of sectors + creation of questionnaires)
SAAS model
Training in less than 30 minutes

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